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NEW - Quintrell Comerica Brunette EX94-6E

q comerica brunette

Dam - Bluegrass Hallmarks Golden Blonde VG86
Gdam - Bluegrass Pitinos Blackie Blonde EX94-7E
Completes 4 gens VG or EX
Traces to the Bluegrass Blondies
8th lact 5075kg at 5.48% fat and 3.70% protein
EX daughter by Vincent, VG daughter by Governor, 2020 daughter by Citation

Quintrell Reagan Virbascum

Quintrell Reagan Virbascum EX93- 5E
7th lact 5895kg at 5.81% fat and 4.06% protein
Dam EX91-2E Quintrell UBL Viburnum
1st Senior Cow in Milk Royal Cornwall 2015
Breed and Reserve Interbreed Champion Royal
Cornwall 2015
Part of the Reserve Burke trophy pair and best
Interbreed exhibitor bred pairs along with Quintrell
Comerica Brunette
4th Senior Cow in Milk National Show 2017

Quintrell Ballard Impression

Quintrell Ballard Impression EX90-2E
Backed by 3 gens VG or EX
2nd Heifer in Milk Royal Cornwall 2015

NEW - Introducing her VG89 daughter by Tequila:-

Quintrell Tequila   Imagine
Quintrell Tequila Imagine VG89
GP83 daughter by Whitenhill Valentinos Costus
Completes 5 gens VG or EX
4th Heifer in Milk National Show 2017

Quintrell UBL Girlish
Quintrell UBL Girlish EX91-3E
4th lact 6691kg at 5.59% fat and 3.99% protein
4th gen VG or EX
Descends from the Girl family at Sowden

Quintrell May Katrina

Quintrell May Katrina VG87 - 2nd calver

5393kg at 4.84% fat and 3.38% protein

Quintrell May Katrina - Grazing

Katrina is 2nd gen VG or EX,
3rd prize 2nd calver at 2011 Dairy Event

Quintrell Maximus Cobalt

Quintrell Maximus Colbalt EX93-2E

Sire - Sunset Canyon Maximus

Dam - Quintrell PJSM Ultramarine EX95-5E

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See some of his eldest daughters below

Daughters of Quintrell Maximus Cobalt:-

Q Cobalt Rosethorne
Quintrell Cobalt Rosethorne - now EX92-4E she herself has 1 EX and 4 VG natural daughters
She had 8 heifers from 9 calvings including a set of twins
Quintrell Cobalt Deliverance
Quintrell Cobalt Deliverance VG85

Quintrell Cobalt Piccalo - Grazing
Quintrell Cobalt Piccalo VG85

As of June 2021- Cobalt has 67 progeny registered of which 17 are EX and 21 are VG so far


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