"Where pedigree promise meets commercial efficiency!"

Quintrell Jerseys is named after Quintrell Downs,
the nearest village to Mum and Dad's first tenancy on a
council farm near Newquay in Cornwall, it was about 40 acres.
Mum and Dad had been trying for tenancies for a number of years,
indeed, Dad was being interviewed for one whilst I was being born!

Mum and Dad choose Jerseys as in 1975 they were £60 each versus £110 for Friesians!
The first 13 Jerseys were ex sucklers and had never seen a milking parlour!
"The first milking filled a 10 gallon churn with 1 gallon of milk and 9 gallons of s**t!"
My dads quote which I will never forget.

Mum and Dad had the pedigree bug almost immediately and started grading up
and buying in from pedigree sales straight away. They started showing at the Royal Cornwall in 1977,and
had their first Major success at Stithians show in the late 1970's when Whiteagle Marvellous Marigold
was Reserve interbreed champion. Descendants of hers can still be found in the herd today in the "Tre" family. 

We had to wait until 1998 before we first won the breed championship
at the Royal Cornwall show with Quintrell Viscounts Choice EX94 (photo below with mum holding her).

Quintrell Viscount Choise

She won the breed championship 4 times and she won the interbreed production and inspection twice,
still the only Jersey to have won this competition!

Ultramarine below also won 4 times including the interbreed championship twice.


Mum and Dad are pictured below proudly showing at Stithians show in 1983.

stithians show 1983

We moved farms in 1998 to a 100 acre council holding still in Cornwall,
just 2 years later dad died of cancer. At this time milk prices were also crashing
and after my trip to New Zealand in 2000 Mum and I decided we needed to cut costs
and go spring block calving and we have never looked back since!

I married Claire in 2004 and we secured the tenancy of Glyn Crest in October 2005,
from where we have expanded to our current number of 275 Milkers on 275 Acres

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